Friday, 15 July 2011

Final Deadly Game without titles

This is the final cut of Deadly Game.  It has sound but as yet no titles.


We looped a Jazz riff from soundtrack pro to create the musical underscore.  Then we'drecorded Annie's voiceover and we cut that to fit the film.  We had to higher and lower the score in order to hear Annie's voice as you can see in this image:
And we also put on lots of sound effects such as the fan, the gun firing and the blinds making a noise.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Voice Over

One of the conventions of the Film Noir is the voice over, so we knew we needed one. We watched our movie and scripted as we were viewing to make sure the voice over would fit each scene.  We tried to think of as many cliches as possible.  We also knew that it had to be an american accent, but me and Beck couldn't do one, so we asked Jane as she has a drama background, but she said she'd get the giggles.  In the end Annie said she'd do it for us.
Here is our script.

Evaluation of our Rough Cut

First of all we decided to take out the shots of our femme fatale where she is waiting at the bus stop. The footage was poor quality as it was shot through a window, and it didn't add anything to the narrative in the end.

We also looked at some of the framing and decided to re-frame some of the shots in FCP.  
There was too much space around this shot so we re-framed it.
We have also turned our movie black and white so it looks like a real Film Noir.

We have also added in clips of a fan to show time is passing.  We might slow this footage down but we'll decide on that later.

ROUGH CUT!!!!!!!!!!

We have finished our rough cut a bit after the rough cut deadline. Editing is taking us ages and ages. Here is our rough cut now.


When we completed our rough cut we converted it to a quicktime and then put it through handbrake to convert it to an MP4 so we could upload it to the blog.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Editing process - stage one

Process of renaming clips in the bin

Starting to Edit

As soon as we finished filming we downloaded our footage. Here's Beck editing while Usman is getting on with some blogging.

We are using video drive 10

Just a reminder

Reflection on filming process

We've just this minute finished filming.  It went really well although we had a few problems with wind.  The weather was pretty awful and hampered our external lamp-post shots.  We were able to use the studio to film and feel that we were very efficient with the time allocated.  Our final footage does embrace much of the film noir genre.  We used the following conventions: costume (trench coat, sun glasses and appropriate hats); props (cards, money, alcohol, glasses); mise-en-scene (venetian blinds, low key lighting, gambling den, lamp-post and street shots); camerawork (dutch tilt, low angle shots, static camerawork).  We are beginning to think about our sound-track and want to try and keep it conventional.  We've blogged some music that we've found from Double Indemnity and would like to try and emulate this as best we can.  Editing - we are next lesson.

On Set and shooting!

trying to film between the blinds was tricky!

Beck on location

this is our rough shot list

this is a table of our props in the studio

Beck's hat kept blowing off when we were trying to film her!

Some shots of us filming!

Props hunting

Usman and I went to Zebedees, a local cheap shop where we went to get some of our key Film Noir props.

 we got a michael jackson hat and a cowboy hat because there was only one michael jackson hat.  We will have to cut off the hair.
 we printed off some jack daniels labels off the internet as we are too young to buy actual jack daniels.
 we had to buy some whisky tumblers so we got some cheap ones.
 we had chocolate money, then we found some table napkins that had £50 notes on them!!

we stuck the jack daniels label on a lemonade bottle


another nasty group tried to steal our location in the studio and put our location notice on the toilet door!!!!  we're off to tell our teachers.


Photos for animatic

We took lots of photos for the animatic.  Here are a few, to give a taster of the genre of our piece:

Low angle shot showing Usman's cards with Beck in the background

Final shot of Beck by the blinds

One of many shots that we took of Beck under the lampost. We should be able to use Color to add a shadow and light source, and to make it much darker.  

A shot of Usman dealing the cards.  Notice the Jack Daniels bottle in the background.