Friday, 8 July 2011

Reflection on filming process

We've just this minute finished filming.  It went really well although we had a few problems with wind.  The weather was pretty awful and hampered our external lamp-post shots.  We were able to use the studio to film and feel that we were very efficient with the time allocated.  Our final footage does embrace much of the film noir genre.  We used the following conventions: costume (trench coat, sun glasses and appropriate hats); props (cards, money, alcohol, glasses); mise-en-scene (venetian blinds, low key lighting, gambling den, lamp-post and street shots); camerawork (dutch tilt, low angle shots, static camerawork).  We are beginning to think about our sound-track and want to try and keep it conventional.  We've blogged some music that we've found from Double Indemnity and would like to try and emulate this as best we can.  Editing - we are next lesson.

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